Question about BasicSaveObject() and BasicLoadObject()

I’m using these two methods for my save games (in Engine.uc). Works great for the most part.

 * Serializes an object to a file (object pointers to non-always loaded objects are not supported)
 *  @param Obj The object to serialize
 *  @param Pathname The path to the file to save
 *  @param bIsSaveGame If TRUE, FILEWRITE_SaveGame will be used to create the file writer
 *  @param Version A version number to save with the archive, so that we can safely fail when loading old versioned files
 *  @param bEncrypt - should file be encrypted?  Loading it back will be automatic if encrypted.
 *  @Return TRUE if successful
native static final function bool BasicSaveObject(Object Obj, string Pathname, bool bIsSaveGame, int Version, optional bool bEncrypt=false);

However the 4th param (“Version”) implies that files saved with version X, will safely fail when loading with verison Y.

I’m finding that whatever value I pass for “Version”, the file loads fine anyway. I’m making some breaking changes to my game, so want to utilize this version value to kill off save games for old builds.

Does anyone have any experience with this that can offer some advice?

Please ignore the question above. It does indeed work as implied by the function definition.


I am producing a project for my workshop’s exercise, could you provide me some help??

I have the following questions… Please give me some help!

  1. My Main menu resolution is smaller than in the game, so when I start the game, I have the main menu resolution at 4:3 while in the game is at 16:9.

  2. I can not create 2 separate sequences, because the game starts playing before I get out of main menu. It is like the game is running, while I have not clicked anything at main menu which is shows up in the middle of the game.

  3. How can I connect 2 levels (interdependent stages) together, and how can I make it to work. How I can go from the 1st level to 2nd level when I clear the 1st?

Please give me your help!!