Question about BaseScalability.ini

Hi guys!

Is it possible to make BaseScalability.ini specific to individual projects?

I will explain.

My game is being cross developed for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. I have done a good job with creating in game menu based quality control settings to match the game to the hardware it is running on so that the player can get the best performance possible on the device that they are using.

However…. The game is getting bigger and more complicated and as such the optimizations are also getting more complicated and I am having to do more and more with BaseScalability.ini. What I would like to be able to do is keep a copy of BaseScalability.ini in each project Config folder and have that specific project utilize that copy.

Can this be done?

I could not find a forum where this question seemed like it would fit best so I put it here. If there is a better place simply let me know and I will move it.

Thank you in advance.


Same question here, is it possible to move BaseScalability.ini to project folder and use the project defined BaseScalability.ini instead the engine folder file? I want to use settings for BaseScalability.ini project wise and also save within project folders.

I searched forums, reddit, etc. I often find the questions, but never answered.

@**jawoods141: **Did you found an answer?

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Answer would be great!
How to handle BaseScalability.ini in project files?

It looks like the way that it’s intended to work is to create a separate device profile (see DefaultDeviceProfile.ini) which overrides the BaseScalability settings on a per- project basis.

Customizing Device Profiles and Scalability for Android | Unreal Engine Documentation