question about assets

hi guys,

i am a noobie in unreal engine and i have a question to ask.
where can i get assets? and how to import to my project?

like for example
i need a water material for the river.
where can i get it?

thanks and have a great day

You will to learn modeling in Blender or any other modeling software and then you can import you models/assets as .fbx file.
You can find a bunch of tutorials on YouTube :slight_smile:

thank you so much for your response…
i already try it using sketch up…
now the material i need is water and i dont have the skills to make it in blender …i wonder if where can i get it ? like you know where i dont need to spend money to buy it

I found his thread with water material in it.
now my problem is how can i use this ? should i copy the folder i download to my documents/unreal/myproject? or there is something i must do to import it ?

You only need other softwares like Blender, sketch up… for static meshes and skeletal meshes. You can create materials directly in Ue4, take a look at this documentation page Materials | Unreal Engine Documentation

You should be able to just download that material and just copy it into your project’s content folder.

I think you can get like 30 free textures from, but you’re going to have to set the material graph up yourself unless you are installing substances.

There is a free project provided by Epic that comes with 3 different types of water shaders, can find it under the learn tab inside of your launcher.

This is also a very good website for textures, it allows you to download 15 textures per day.

Edit: Forgot to put a link :stuck_out_tongue: