QUestion about animation importing

This might be a dumb question, I am pretty new to all of this.

SO I made a model and animations in blender, but when I bring it to Unreal Engine, it is not working correctly, parts of the models are sticking out, and generally not moving like it should. Hwat am I doing wrong? I included my Blender file here, since the forum won’t let me upload it directly

I just tested your model.
There few things odd to me ( you might be using a tuto very diff from what am used to) :

  • Each object should have a vertex group connecting to a bone so you could set it weight.
  • Each object should have an armature in it modifier properties.

Here the steps you should follow:

  • Remove all animation binding.
  • Select all your mesh, and last also select your armature, right-click>parent>with automatic weight.
  • Test by selecting your armature, go to it Pose Mode, and move the head bone.
  • If everything is good, select your head body, go to it Object Data Properties, you will see it Vertex Groups, there you can remove what bones is not needed for that body part.
  • Then you can do your animation as you already did before.

To export:

  • Select all,
  •  File>Export.
  • Select selected object, Armature+Mesh.
  • Smoothing: Face,
  • Disable Add Leaf Bones,
  • Disable Bake Animation.
  • name it Robot.fbx

  • Then you select your armature, file export.
  • Select selected object: Armature
  • Enable bake animation and set smoothing to face
  • name it Robot_anim.fbx

In UE4:

  • import robot.fbx, enable skelatal mesh.
  • import robot_anim.fbx and it should locate your skelatal body by itself if in the same folder.

I seem some naming issue, avoid name such Body, it can cause issue.
And the bones and mesh not of same transform size can cause issue too, select your mesh Crtl+A, Apply All Transform to reset it scale and position.

Well, thank you for your reply!

Automatic wieght is not an option, it makes weird bugs. It works for normal models, but because of my pistons, it fails. What I do is select a part of my mesh (Lower_Leg for example), select the bone, and parent those together. At least that is what I saw in the tutorial.

I will do the naming and the transform tho, maybe that is part of thed problem. Thank for helping me, I barely started 3 days ago so I am really out of my league

EDIT :: Transform all and the renaming and exporting it like oyu said actually broke it down so much it was unusable xD. ANd Automatic Weight I did try, but it did weird bugs again

I think the issue is that ue4 is not reading the skeletal mesh data correctly, usually if you add Armature modifier to your model and then import it in ue4, ue4 will auto check skeletal mesh but with your model it doesnt detect it since there no modifier for it.

I recommend going the conventional way, that is to add custom bone and custom weight, doing from scratch is sometime the best way to go else u might spend days on figuring out a way to solve it.

Here the video that i started with: Armatures - Blender 2.80 Fundamentals - YouTube
and dont go with pre-made or generate armature.