Question about a state machine transition rule node

The node can be found in the template’s ThirdPerson_AnimBP, at the beginning of the “JumpStart to JumpEnd” rule. It seems to represent an animation and it’s remaining time. So how can I recreate this node, and what exactly is it?

If I remember correctly, the ThirdPersonJump_Start is an Animation Sequence. Your anim blueprint should have a list of all available Anim Sequences (and other animation assets) in the lower right corner. Just drag the desired Anim Sequence onto the state machine and it will create the node. (I’m going from memory here since I’m not at my dev machine, so hopefully I’m remembering correctly.)

Yes, but that does not work in a transition rule. The node has a Time Remaining float output pin.

When you are in the graph for the transition rule, right click on the graph and start typing “TimeRemaining.” It should bring up a list of options, and one of them should be the node for time remaining on whatever animation was called in the state prior to the transition rule.

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