Question about a Checkpoint Script and Respawning.

Hello, I’m trying to make a checkpoint system that will on collision will set the box transform values into a SpawnLocation variable I made, then destroyed after. Once the character runs into another checkpoint the value is reassigned with the transform values of the new collision box. I’m then using that variable as a transform value plugged into my re-spawn layout to use that as the destination to re-spawn.
I had a PrintString test of the SpawnLocation variable to show if the value remains attached and will change throughout collisions. Everything seems to be working fine but when I die and re-spawn, I re-spawn under the map in the center. I can’t really tell what is the problem with the SpawnLocation variable because re-spawning is working fine with a GetActorTransform.
Thank you for your time.

From the Game Mode, I noticed the Spawn Transform on the SpawnActor was Spawn Transform, so I casted from the FPC the SpawnLocation to the Spawn Transform on the Spawn Actor but the same thing is happening.