Question about 3DS Max Student account created assets in UE4.

Hi guys!

I have an important question to ask.

In regards to 3DS Max I have recently passed the rank of student 3DS Max user and have advanced to the rank of Jedi Master and as such have done away with my student account and started a licensed account and will now be doing real work.

I do have a few questions though.

I have a lot of older assets that were created using a student Autodesk 3DS Max account. They are in older Unreal Engine projects that I worked on over the past year but those were just projects I made for learning to make games. But some of those assets are really good.

I think that you know where I am going with this. Am I able to use .UASSET assets that were imported FBX files that were created in a 3DS Max student account in a game that I intend to make money on?

I have also posted this on the Autodesk forum but those forums are FAR FAR slower to respond then UE4 forums.
I ask this because I do have a LOT of older .UASSETS and I really would hate to have to recreate all of the ones that I want to use all over again.
Thank you in advance guys!

Per the Autodesk license, you are not allowed to make any money off of anything that ever used the student version of 3DS Max.