Question about 3-bone limbs and using DAZ sceleton

I’ve received a character model from a freelance 3d modeler. The model is made in DAZ and uses it’s skeleton, but the problem is that it has 3-bones hands and legs. The “twist” bone, that in Unreal Mannequin is independent “sibling”, here is part of bones chain. That additional joint leads to problem with IK as, when IK engages, it creates a kink in the middle of the thigh.
I’ve tried a few things to constrain that bone inside the animation blueprint, like manually setting angles - but I’m not too good with bones manipulations and it didn’t work.

Wanted to ask: is there a way to constrain that additional joint, so that it can only twist and won’t create a kink? Have you tried using DAZ in your project, how did it go? ​


I’ve got the same problem, but only with my right leg!??? Left Leg works with 3 “Num Bones in Limb”
Has anybody an idea?

Thx and greets,

No need to do anything manually, just use virtual joints :wink: