Question abaout user widgets with buttons and mouse buttons events

Hi all!

I’m making an UI for actions remapping with 3 user widgets:

  • InputConfig: The main container, with an scrollbox and two buttons for accept and cancel changes.
  • ActionEntry: Has a label for showing the action name and a container for the mapping buttons.
  • MappingButton: Has a button and a label for showing current mapping’s keys.

The MappingButton BP has the code for scanning the gamepad, keyboard, and the mouse, and the first two works very well, but … i have a problem with the mouse.

When you click the button widget, the BP turns on a “scanning input” boolean, and then, pressing a key combination, a gamepad button or a mouse button, changes the button’s label to show you what you did press, like “CTRL-A” for example.

For the mouse, i’m using the OnMouseButtonUp event, and, if i click the right button or the middle button all works fine (the label shows the mouse button name released correctly), but, if i click the left button, nothing happens.

I have done some debugging, and the OnMouseButtonUp event do not fire when i release the left mouse button while the cursor is on the button widget.

So, the question would be… why the left mouse button do not fire that event?

See ya!

I have seen that UE4 4.8 will have a better button widget. I would like to use it, but, i don’t want to switch to this version due it is a preview version, and so, unstable.

Could i safely replace the 4.7.6 Button and SButton classes with the 4.8 ones without problems?
Replacing these files in my engine would break future updates?

I’m using the EpicLauncher for downloading and update the engine.

See ya!


I know it is a very technical question, but i still have hope for an answer :slight_smile: .

See ya!