Question: 2d Game Camera

So i created a new blank project. Added in some sprites and such and here is what I got. As you notice There is wasted space below my ground sprites and wasted space on the left hand side of the screen. On the left hand side at the edge of the ledge I have a blocking volume in place so the character can’t walk off the ledge.

Below is an example of what I am trying to achieve. you notice there is no wasted space below the ground or to the right or left of the ground. How do I get it so there is no wasted space unlike what my level looks like.

Couldn’t you add an asset on the left like a tree, cliff, etc with collision blocking for a visual termination point then tighten up the camera on the player controller to emulate the view like in the screenshot you posted?

That’s what I’m trying to figure out, I tried going to ortho mode and setting the camera smaller but that didn’t help any, I know I can add a blocking volume to stop my char, just not sure how all the 2d side scrollers have their camera even with the edge of the screen without showing anything pass that.

As you can see my char is about the same size as his and I’d hate to have to zoom my camera in even more I think it’s way too big as it is now.

Well, wasted 8 hours today and didn’t get anything put into my game but a stamina bar. Starting to feel really bad right now about not getting anything accomplished, but hopefully this weekend while I don’t have to work I will get a chance to learn more and not give up on my project.

Hey Echosyp,

camera real estate and movement is one of the hardest things in game development so dont feel bad if you cant nail it first try.
One thing you have to do is to plan ahead about the size of the character and the environments in pixels (cm). In other words you have to decide beforehand how big everything will be in your desired resolution. If for example you aim for 1080p then you must draw a 1920x1080 picture with everything inside and decide how big or small things are supposed to look.

After that it will be a lot more easier to play around with the camera settings and find the right one.