[Question] 2D Blend Space Locomotion not working properly

I created a 2D blend space but the animations don’t play properly.

When previewing a node exactly the animation plays fine but when previewing blended animation in between nodes the skeleton seems to dip into the ground. There is no root motion involved in any of the animation and it is not enabled in any animations.

When previewing each sample individually they play fine.

I’m not sure if there is something wrong with my animation or I didn’t set something up properly in UE4. Same thing happens in game when I add the blend space to anim blueprint.

Video of whats happening:

Your help is much appreciated.

If you are using the 3rd person template there is a bug in the base rig root that causes the character to dive below the ground.

There are already various threads regarding that issue. Should get fixed in a near future version of the engine: Animation montage for HQ mannequin UE4.8.3 - Animation - Unreal Engine Forums

I see. Thank you for replying. I tried searching to see if there was something already posted but i guess i didn’t word my search right.