Questing system

I was just wondering if anyone has made any quest systems in BP.

Specifically, would I put the questing logic in the level BP ? (My game is completely SP) That would not keep quest progress if I switch levels though would it? Do I add the quest logic in the player BP? or do I make a separate quest BP ? would I need to incorporate SaveGameObjects to keep track of that?

Any pointers would be appreciated.

I’d say you need to create some basic “one” quest BP interface, defines how a quest item should be iteract, like( new, accepted, condition, completed, who ), and then use BP that implemented it as actual quest that use those interface function to check if quest type is fullfilled. then you can drag different quest type onto your map and NPC could give reference to those quest item.

In your character, you just have a objectArray to save all those references you accepted, and on special events(like collecting item, kill a mob, etc), go through each quest’s condition to update counter(ie fetch/kill quest).
then you can work on how to assign quests to NPC so they can give your player a quest.

Thanks. I will try this out over the next few days and share my results!

If you save it to a Questprogress save game before you open the next level, you can have all levels set to load the questprogress save on begin play. This can be kind of tricky/annoying though.

The other option would be to just use level streaming, which seems powerful enough to work in an open world game.