Questing(s) about a release of a game

Hello everyone!

I have a few questions about the release of a game.

I am currently working on a project with 2 other people, and i am more used to the way Unity worked, where i could put the project up on my website, and people could play it off of that, just like how “Rust” worked the first time it came out.

But what do i do with a game in Unreal Engine?

My question is more about, let´s say that we “release” the game, and it needs to be updated alot of times to fix bugs etc, how is that being done, so people dont need to download the game 200 times, like more as like an auto updater, just like Steam does it, or like “Path Of Exile” has it, like it figures out that a patch has been released, and then it updates?

Sorry if my question seems a bit weird, but i´ll try to make it more clear if people are getting confused :slight_smile:

Best regards, Alex.

I may be wrong, but I think Epic is working on DLC support for packaged games.

Basically, you can just use that to do Updates.

~ Jason

In that case, what have developers been using before DLC support was added?

Again I could be wrong (or it could have been implemented previously), but do remember hearing about re-downloading the game with added stuff instead of just dropping in new files…

It would be good if someone could confirm this though.

~ Jason

We don’t provide a patcher. For general PC game distribution on the web, I recommend releasing new versions of your game as a standalone installer, requiring a complete redownload for each update. For hardcore users, you could distribute a .zip file containing just the files that have changed since the initial release, and instruct users to unzip it on top of their existing installation.

Thanks for the clarification.

~ Jason