Quest Tracker with Multiplayer Support

Been writing my own game for a bit, and needed a quest tracker, while there are a few on the marketplace already, none of them had all the options I wanted, so like everyone else, I wrote my own, I have been adding some polish, and I think it would be a good addition.

Here is just a simple preview of it working, more detailed videos will come, WARNING: I am not a great video guru, so these will be pretty simple.

Features: (so far)

  • Multiplayer (supports using both PlayerState by inheritance, and component replication)
  • Save Object generator (can be added to current save games)
  • Completely modular and customizable.
  • Left Generic in all aspects, so it can be added to any game.
  • Quests have options for Requirements (using any system you have, you make the rules), Rewards, and Objectives
  • No need for C++, can all be done in Blueprints, but C++ is optional if you like to code.
  • Written completely in C++
  • More to come