Quest System

Quest System is a plugin that lets developer or level designer to create Quests and Events without doing a lot of coding or no coding at all as the plugin supports blueprint also.

This is a WIP plugin.

Editors added:

  • Quest Graph Editor.
  • Event Graph Editor.
  • Levels Map Editor.


  • Quest Graph.
  • Event Graph.
  • Quest/Goal Details.
  • Levels Graph.

Classes to be replaced:

  • Level script actor class of level should be changed to Quest Level Script Actor of Plugin.


  • Quest Manager Component - Will be used for doing all the Quest assignment and tracking tasks.


  • High code re usability
  • Easy Workflow.
  • Decoupled framework.
  • Decoupled Workflow.

User has to create the Objective Context by extending Objective Context Actor Base of plugin.Can be extended both in C++ and Blueprint.
Then all user has to do is create Quest/Event Graph and start adding nodes of Goals and Objectives followed by placing created Objective Context in World as needed.

Demo of plugin(Sorry for bad English,Not an English speaker).

If anyone could guide me towards how to build and package plugin and make it ready for pushing into marketplace once development is done,Please help!.

For suggestions or Nice to have features please post in this thread i will try to work on it and improve

Hi there. I also wanted to make my own Graph Editors in C++ but I did not found any infos by now how to do it. Can you give some small hints how you created your own Graph Editors? Are there existing classes where to derive from?

Custom graphs aren’t really that useful because when using them you lose access to Blueprint Compiler and K2_ Functions.

Btw a lot of these custom graphs use public gitHub samples as a starting point, like this one:

That’s exactly what I was looking for. I will see where it leads me. Thanks a lot.

Take a look at Engine Source of AIGraph module.It is base for custom graph used by behavior tree.

As Bruno said custom graphs should be avoided when you need Compiler features.

However if you have an Asset that do not have logic and act as only data holder. Then custom graph can be useful.

My understanding is that there must be a way to link blueprint into your custom graph. I am not sure though.

Update #1

Completed and Published plugin at Easy & Efficient Quest Creator in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace