Quest Objective not completing

Yet again I find myself stuck. This time with my Quest System.

The first quest is very EASY and I’m sure someone will be able to figure it out really quickly.
Player is in a dialogue with the NPC, NPC says “DING” I have given you a quest. Quest pops up [3 objectives show up on the UI]. Player continues talking to the NPC, the goal, to ask about three subjects in the dialogue tree.

EXAMPLE: Quest: Ask me about Dog, Cat and Mouse. ----> Three dialogue buttons, 1. Dog 2. Cat 3. Mouse. ONCE all three options have been exhausted the player achieved the goal of the quest! YEAH! The objectives should CLEAR so that I can move on to the next quest available.

I have two UI BPs, one is ObjectiveUI, which is what shows the the objectives to the player and should keep track of what quest they are on. AND DialogueUI which is when the player speaks to the NPC.

Thank you!!