Quest Extension Plugin

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Improves Unreal Engine’s Narrative tools with a fully featured, non-linear and flexible Quest System written directly over C++



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Included Features**

Quests as** Assets**

Allows Dynamic loading, better workflows and teamwork

Quest Groups

Create quest chains inside a beautifull node editor with conditions and custom logic nodes

Customizable Quests

Create your own quest types with their own fields and logic


Registry world events trough time and use them to autocomplete or execute quests.

E.g: Know that a boss was killed when picking the quest “Kill the boss”

Isolated system

Its independent! Add one or more quest managers at the same time

Text formating

Use parameters to format text with ue4’s formatting guideline.

Set them in editor or in runtime


Save the quest manager with any of the existing save systems to keep track of the game


Designed with open-world / high-narrative games in mind.

Thousands of quests at the same time with event oriented programming.

•** Tested** in** Real Environments**: Being used to develop multiple titles with Unreal Engine

• Influenced from quests systems from games like Horizon Zero Dawn and Skyrim

• **Strong **and Reliable features though deep testing

Documented API and Usage

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I have been waiting for an asset like this for a while now.

However I have a few questions -

  1. What platforms will this run on?
  2. How much will this cost?
  3. Will this work in a Multiplayer environment?

Hi HeadClot!

Thanks for your interest,

  1. It should run on any UE4’s compatible platform. We have personally tested it in Windows and Mac.
  2. Around 59$
  3. We have plans on adding multiplayer support very soon. Meanwhile, you can make it run on server side.

You can vote features here: Trello

Released 1.0!](

Quest Extension is now live.
Months of work in your hands, hope you find it as useful and practical as we do!

Released 1.1!](

**1.1b **version is ready!

Main Changes:

  • New Quest Group editor style


  • Edit Quest Conditions directly from a graph


  • Improved UI for Text Arguments
  • Comment node customization
  • Fixes & Improvements

Check all new features in the roadmap!

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Small fix release for 1.1b is up.
More stable than ever!

Released 1.1c!](
More fixes released in this version including text arguments in blueprints and some crashes.

New Version!
1.1d is finally downloadable from the launcher

Released 1.2!](

**1.2 **version is ready!

Main Changes:

  • New Conditions:

  • Compare Memory

  • Compare Memory Latent

  • Compare Quest

  • Compare Quest Latent

  • Start Requirements

  • ​​​​​​​Improved Conditions: Latent and Instant
  • Shareable Quests


  • Edit default Quest values from Settings​​​​​​​
  • Other Fixes & Improvements

image (1).png

Check all new features in the roadmap!

So, how is the showcase video going? I like to see it in action before buying from the store (I tried the demo, but I would like to see more about the editor’s node side). :rolleyes:

Hi @JimPhoenix !

We have not finished it yet :frowning: , but we often publish content on our roadmap about the updates that you can check, that should help you see some editors!

Released 1.3!](

Quest Extension version 1.3 is out!

Main Changes:

  • Quest Group runtime debugger

  • Dump and Restore Quest Managers (Save and Load from blueprints)


  • Quest filter on Quest Managers: Only quest of a type can be started

  • Improved Usability and tools:

  • Drop quests into the scene

  • Double click quest nodes to open the asset

  • Double click on conditions to open their blueprint

  • See a preview of quest groups inside other quest groups (1).gif

  • Other fixes and improvements

Check all new features in the roadmap!

Well, thank you for the Trello link, I will check it tomorrow. I’m currently using this system, but to be honest; it’s a “little complicated” as I experience. So, maybe your quest extension plugin do the job much better (the node system looks cool and useable). Just a cross-question: it’s a data asset’s component right now? Do I see it well? Or it got it’s own submenu in the “Create Advanced Asset” list? :rolleyes:

@JimPhoenix , Quest Extension uses a custom category “Narrative” where you can pick what you want to create:

Not bad, I like the “Narrative” category name! :slight_smile: This is just a small thing, but maybe some unique icons will come for the sub-categories in any of the upcoming updates? I would appreciate it very much!

Well I’m not an artist, but great idea! Will try to find something :stuck_out_tongue:

That sounds cool! :smiley:

@JimPhoenix cool? :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh yeah, cool, thanks! :cool: