Quest Editor Plugin

Hey guys! The last months i have been working in a quest system that also includes a quest editor for making quest easily using Editor Utility Widgets.

I made a showcase video for the system!. I am planning on releasing the plugin on the marketplace soon.

Added copy, cut and paste functionality!

Starting with the real time quest track! It will help debug and understand the quest flow better.

I added multi node editing functionality!

This is a video where i show some improves i made to the links. I added optional links (blue) and i changed the break link logic, so it no longer needs a widget. Now it looks much more clean.

Quest Editor Showcase 5 - Improved links - YouTube](

This is a video showing how to make a simple “jump” task. The task uses a dispatcher (that is default for the characters) to count the amount of jumps.

- YouTube](

This is the previous video were i show a bit more of the system:

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Updated, (also wanted to reserve this comment just in case i need the space later on)

This looks really nice! How are you storing the quest data? In data tables, database…?

Hey! Thank you. The quests are beign stored in datatables. The player progress, wich are different variables, its stored in a savegame object. I want to make a database savegame later on for the player progress.

I made a showcase video for the system and i am planning on releasing it on the marketplace soon!

I made several video tutorials for explaining the system and uploaded them to youtube. If you guys are interested in the system you can check them out! Any feedback is appreciated