Quest c++ series

I recently decided to make quest tutorial series :slight_smile:
Features displayed on first video
See ya at Youtube

First programming video :

New video is released ! :slight_smile:

New video is released:)

Thanks for making these tutorials!


Really thank you for supporting :slight_smile:
Next videos would be better and without bugs xD

See you at Friday evening at new video :slight_smile:
Would be Visual Effects, Requirements, Inventory

The new video with starting quests is uploading! :slight_smile:

Hello it’s me again!

4th video is uploaded!

  • Added widget implementation
  • Added matinee
  • Added mesh
  • Added particles
  • Showing cursor
  • Some repairs

Next video:

  • requeirements and inventory

Link to 4th video:

Hello again!
New video is uploaded
Added inventory and items :slight_smile:
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Bardzo fajne ale…I would love to hear (louder) your commentary in these videos even if it is your native language