Quest 2 APK crashes from sound cue with random node.

I am using UE 4.25 Oculus Branch Source build. Arm64 with Vulkan. Not using oculus audio, just standard for now.

Using Launch → Quest 2 works flawlessly, no warnings. APK cooks with no warnings or errors.

I have what is basically a “playlist shuffler” for background music. It has about 5 .wav files plugged into a random node. From there on launch an actor plays it through an audio source. I am using the standard audio visualizer plugin, with only a single envelope reader. *All .wav files are 16-bit pcm, at 44100hz. and are around 2.5-4 minutes each.

On launch of APK I get the attached crash log. No warnings prior.

For the sake of further isolating it, I grabbed a free music pack from the market place. From there I replaced the old 16-bit 44100 .wav files with new .wav’s from the music pack, plugged them into the random node.

Build, and it works a few times(just tried it again and it does not, now). So I was like okay there is something strange with my .wav’s. I redownload those, ensure proper formatting in audacity, reimport. They now work, but only individually, not plugged into random.

I cannot find anything on best practices for packaging audio in APKs or anything like that, and my backtrace seems a bit esoteric. Can anyone help me figure out why this is happening?

[link text][4]