Query regarding Mixamo assets and the Marketplace

Hi there,

I’m submitting something to the marketplace soon and I have a quick question regarding Mixamo assets and the marketplace. I have a character based on the UE4 Mannequin which has been heavily modified and I was wondering if its possible to include a Mixamo version of the character as well, which would be a child of the original UE4 Mannequin character blueprint with some animations, a blendspace and an animation blueprint added?

The model is from fuse and the animations are from the Mixamo website. The main purpose of including this is to demonstrate how easily the functions can be transferred to the Mixamo character and perhaps save any potential customers some time setting that up.

I noticed someone got hammered for trying to sell Mixamo animations on the marketplace previously and I dont want to make any mistakes with my first submission. The bulk of the content in the pack is related to interaction rather than characters or animation, so the Mixamo character only represents a small portion of the project, and is easily removed.

Would be great to know before I make the submission.

Cheers and thanks in advance!

Adobe don’t allow use of ANY Mixamo content in uncooked projects. So you can include them in a game that is packaged up, but not something like a marketplace content where people can pull it out of it easily. So sadly, no, you can’t include mixamo models or animations in any marketplace content.

The cel shader uses mixamo assets and thats on the marketplace has been for years.


yeah I discovered this forum post after posting this and it seems no assets can be used if they havent been cooked. Ah well.

Now if only that awesome new realistic character Epic released had a body and skeleton :smiley:

Thanks for letting me know!

If that is true, then it is violating the terms of use of mixamo content and shouldn’t be there :stuck_out_tongue: There have been cases before where content has had what looks very similar to mixamo content but it’s not actually been mixamo but shrugs I’m neither familiar enough with mixamo’s stuff nor do I own the cel shader so I can’t really comment beyond the initial “if that is true…” statement lol

Yup. When I was about to launch I spoke to Jeanette at Mixamo and she clarified it was fine as long as they’re not what I’m selling. Epic echoed this. That stance may have changed now that Adobe own them, but I haven’t heard anything from them.

We’re at a point now where you wouldn’t even want to use Mixamo assets in an Unreal game - they haven’t aged well - so I doubt they’re pursuing anyone over it.

Thanks for the heads-up to the thread but one thing truly bugs me every time this comes up: we’re not the rights holder in question and none of us are their content watchdogs. As you said, you’re not familiar with the situation. Think someone broke someone else’s terms and conditions? It’s none of our business and even less useful to whistle up a lynch mob on the forums by offering a legal opinion on it. We can do better than this. The Epic community isn’t a crab bucket.

I’ve bought a whole lot of assets just to rate them five stars and go against the grain of the vocal minority so perhaps it’s a good example of reverse psychology at work. I love my Fat Unicorn, Low Poly Cabin, PhotoMode, etc. Keep up the anti-recommendations and I’ll keep supporting them with my money.

Anyway, back to the original question:

Only Adobe can answer this question for you now, but you can skirt all of the potential issues by just making a video demonstrating it instead. It sounds like it’d be more effective than including an example, although I wouldn’t over-state the future of Mixamo on UE since they’ve already dropped UE support.

Yep, you can’t sell biped characters not rigged for the standard UE skeleton on the Epic marketplace, which is what that guy was trying to do. If your main offering is a character asset then it has to be able to be used with animations for sale on the MP.

I spoke with Jeanette about using Mixamo stuff in marketplace content less than a year ago and got a hard no on it, so I think you are right and Adobe have changed the stance. That said, if you were using it back then then I would imagine your licence is based on the content from back then shrugs

I’m on the same page as you… hence letting you know about the thread haha. If I had the money I’d be doing the same - personally I love the Unicorn and the Duck haha XD I wish we could all learn to work together a bit more…

Great info guys, thanks. Yeah I was pretty much thinking I’ll just add a video demonstrating how to use a Mixamo character with the kit, once it’s ready.

Agree about the Mixamo models not having aged well, hopefully once they release this new project they have been working on we should see some vast improvements.

For now Daz3d seems to be the best place I have found to get decent character models at a reasonable price. If anyone knows of any other reasonable quality character model sites for a zero budget developer, lemme know.


Not sure how much Mixamo would care about it - especially since they dropped UE export.

Seems like they really don’t care about supporting UE at all…

Yep this. I think they’re planning to use it for one of their own 3d products.