Query about dynamically resizing UMG widgets

Hey folks,

I’m just wondering if anyone has had any luck resizing UMG widgets at runtime? I have a Widget component attached to an actor. The widget contains a CanvasPanel, and within that I have an Image. The Image is anchored to fill the entire space, and I have set it to a lime-green colour. The Widget component has its Draw Size set to X=10, Y=200. To begin with, I’m trying to find a way that changes Draw Size ‘Y’ to equal 2000 on the Begin Play event, just so I can see it change its size dynamically, before I try to do something more complex with it. If anyone has any thoughts on how to achieve this, it’d be much appreciated.



you can bind a input to call change the draw size I think.
Or you can just use a timeline that loops itself after say begin play event.

I found a solution. I was hoping to be able to specify exact values for the height and width of the BoundaryTexture component I have setup in RoomBoundaryActor. Instead I found that I could achieve the same result by scaling with the SetRelativeTransform node, it’s just going to be a little bit trickier than specifying precise values.

The scale is the better approach right now, if you were able to modify the draw size directly, you’d cause the creation of several new render targets that you only kept around for a frame. Currently a render target is required to render the widget components into the world. Long term that wont be the case, but until it’s not, scale is what you want to animate.

Makes sense, and good to know. Thanks folks!