Quarry Cliffs

Hi all,

I’m happy to announce that my new asset pack has been released today - Quarry Cliffs:
More screenshots and 360 panoramas:
YouTube video:

This thread will serve as a hub for feedback and support. Of course you can always reach me on official support email as well.

I hope you will find the pack useful, and if not, I’d like to hear what changes/additions would make it more useful to you. Looking forward to your feedback! :wink:









Looks really great! Out of curiosity, are they scanned or modeled ?

Thank you! Most of the meshes are a combination of scan and sculpt. The big rock faces, for example, were first scanned and then re-sculpted in Zbrush to add depth, close the backs and to make them 360 assets.

That demo scene of yours, how much is the total poly count for that? How many materials do you have pr. mesh?

Would your demo scene perform ok in a VR context?

Hi Jonas,

I’m using one material instance per mesh. Many smaller rocks are using the same texture set and material instance. Some larger meshes are also just bent variations of the same base mesh, using the same material instance.
In total, I’m using 3 terrain texture sets in one landscape material, 14 cliff and rock material instances and 1 material for the buldozer.

In terms of polycount, it’s showing me 2,396,000 tris for the whole scene - two big arena spaces. I assume that’s all LOD0s.

I haven’t tried it in VR, but I think it should work. The meshes are not dense and LODs are aggressive enough. Materials are quite simple, too, all well in the green zone. No alpha overdraw. The only material that’s using tessellation is the ground material. You can always turn it off on that one.

I hope I answered your questions adequately :slight_smile: If not, you can send me an email to [EMAIL=“”], or let me know here…