Quantum Metaclouds misleading

I think the description in the “Quantum Metaclouds” should be changed, The beginning of the description says
“3D Cloud Models is a collection of 14 curved-billboard meshes with photoreal cloud textures”

Instead of getting a 3D cloud Volume you will get a 2D plane with textures. If anyone with authority in the Unreal Marketplace can read this please contact the person who made this to change his description or change it forcefully.

Not many people will notice exactly what the Curved-Billboard will mean after reading “3D cloud Models”

Just looking out for the community.

bump on this.


This is similar to what I said on the web review, with a bit more criticism on the content itself:

Feel free to add whatever comments you like, if you agree or don’t with my thoughts. I haven’t actually looked at this pack since I first bought it many months ago.