Quantum Lock

Hey guys!
Just wanted to show off our game we have on greenlight atm, It’s a freezetag style game using only blueprints :D.

One player plays as an Anti Virus, who’s job is to hunt down the Rogue Programs and try to isolate them within a time limit. The Rogue Programs must avoid the Anti Virus and try to unisolate any of their isolated friends. There are currently 7 classes with 3 more to come. Each Class has 4 abilities each, which can be upgraded 4 times. If this sounds at all interesting to you, come check out our GreenLight page which i have placed a link on the bottom of this page :smiley: Thanks for reading guys!

Hi guys!

The first installment of the character highlight video series is up and ready for you all to drool over :smiley: Check it out and enjoy!