quantum human super cool maya plugin

Hi guys, 3 day ago I see super cool plugin for maya it calledquantum-human (
They say

World’s fastest workflow
Til now, studios and artists could spend large portion of project timeframe to setup sophisticated characters, before shot production actually commences. Quantum Human can speed up this process by literally hundreds of times, if not completely eliminate that process.
Since Quantum Human operates natively in Maya while having batch command-line mode, it’s highly customizable to existing production pipelines, or build custom interactive applications. Users can choose which modules to use, instead of entering a whole new application that is often a black box.
Quantum Human can be used in

  1. Cinematic production for high quality, customizable pipeline.
  2. Interactive and gaming applications. Thanks to its full automation, batch processing, and command-line processing.
    As easy as 1-click
    With the 1-click button mode, Quantum Human has virtually zero learning curve, users can start producing shots before they even know how to setup a character.
    It saves you months of work and research

Features Overview:
innovative QNA framework to convert any mesh into production ready character
inject model topology, UV, Texture, ctrl rig, deform rig, including advanced muscle PSD and facial rig
transfer QNAEA (QNA-extension assets) onto your character
1-click or module-by-moudle “installation” workflow
all modules can be batch-processed in QBatch queue. All batch can be exported and shared. even in commandline.
easily customizable to your pipeline
user-definable QNA
multiple modes of operation: Topology, Shape, or “direct from decoder”
1) Modelling
starts by ultra-fast human form decoder for body, face, and fingers
inject topology from QNA definitions onto your character
selective model replacement from QNA e.g. fingers, ears, eye/mouth cavities
procedural modelling history for fine tweaking, with LOD and reshape states
re-pose and mirror your model with topology intact
round-trip export to ZBrush/Mudbox for subdivision levels
coming soon – intelligent eye deformer to make your character “eye-ready”
2) Rigging:
1-click or module-by-moudle installation workflow
all setups tweakable after automatic derivation
auto skeleton derivation, with advanced fist predictor for fingers orient
integrate your control-rig scripts and mocap rig
auto skincluster derived from QNA, with MUSH & skinchops options
auto Muscle system derived from QNA, with sliding, relaxing & collision
auto FACS-based facial setup derived from QNA, and only replace key shapes you don’t like.
coming soon – auto Pose-based-deformation setup derived from QNA
coming soon – auto skin dynamic simulation setup

3) Asset Transfer:
anything can be prepared as QNAEA (QNA-extension assets)
any QNAEA can be transfered to any character
transfer character clothing and props in 1-click
transfer eyes-teeth, curve-based eyelash, brow, even body-facial hairs in 1-click
transfer long hair system in 1-click

4) Production Tools:
Qcontrol UI for efficent character control. or easily integrate your own control
Qpreset for 1-click shot preparation or character auditing
1-click mocap alignment + skeleton mapping + character attachment
QtestDrive for “Vertical” batch rendering, simulation and cache export
Qtools are collection of useful tools extracted for general purpose. e.g. “TransMorph” engine

I only start using maya, so cant say that plugin super cool or just like others… and i like to here your opinion about it, so what you think guys?

I wonder about the price tag… but this is f… amazing stuff!:eek:

Be right back, looking for affordable 3D scanners :wink:

Just use your phone:

It works really good!

That looks really fantastic. Hopefully it’s as good as it looks and they claim.

This does look super promising - however I’ve learned to be cautious with overly optimistic tech demos… they often don’t live up to their expectations.

I’ve never seen any fully automated 3d authoring system truly work as expected. But yeah, this one looks cool.

Based on their tech demo video it does what it says, but until then it’ll just be a video.
A couple of stuff is already available in both Maya itself and on the creativecrash website, but the retopo, automated muscle system and the mocap ready setup its pretty exciting :slight_smile: