Quality of Life Improvements

Hey friends,

I’ve been giving myself a challenge of making small plugins/full plugin with small Quality of Life improvements to UE4. The limit to my challenge is I have two days (excluding some research) to implement a given research and it’s been fun!

Most of what my focus is on is editor shortcuts, hotkey/additional functionality and blueprint nodes but definitely interested in experimenting more. So I’ve created this thread, with the intent of regularly updating it with either new small plugins or updates to a bigger quality-of-life plugin. [HR][/HR]
Layouts Plugin

With regular changes to my monitor, or just switching up my layout to have certain tabs/layouts - I’ve found that UE4’s Save Layout and Reset Layout was quite limiting. This plugin adds “Import Layout” and “Export Layout”, for quick swapping to different layouts or sharing with team members.

I personally use it to switch between my own “Sequencer”, and “World Composition/LOD” layouts, for when I’m working on different tasks.


Update 0.1:

  • Added Recent Layouts support
  • Segregated to it’s own section and a little cleanup
  • Paths are stored in GEngineSettingsini.

Submitted as latest - just get the master branch!


Hopefully over the coming weeks I’ll have a few more features to add - if you have any suggestions for things that would make your life easier when using the engine, please let me know!

Hope you enjoy,
Alessa <3