Quality of life improvements

I got some suggestions that can make the developer’s(at least mine but i do hope these apply for others as well) life much easier.

Can we get functionality on mouse keys 4 and 5 (the two side keys) to have them take us to next/previous blueprint/method. Example i open a BP then open a method then another method then a method in another BP. Pressing the back mouse side button(mouse 4 i think) should take me a step back.
Mouse keybinding would help when we navigate/debug BPs cause it can be a pain to re-trace our steps, especially when the project grows…

Next, can we get on cntrl + T to reopen last closed BP/method? I ask for these cause sometimes i close accidentally a tab and i don’t know which one i closed and i usually keep tabs open cause i need to do something with them.

Another would be in structs to be able to deselect all pins then select the ones we need. Often times i just need 1 or two out of 30. This one is minor since struct BPs collapse…

TY in advance.