Quality of high resolution screenshot in packaged game?

I want to have the quality of an high resolution screenshot in my packaged game.
But the packaged version of my game has always a lower quality then the High resolution screenshots.

Like in the screenshot.

Is it possibel to get the Quality of these high resolution screenshots in my packaged game?

Hey lobaanicht,

Would you mind providing what engine version you are using? Regarding the High res screenshot, it looks like you have no anti aliasing on your High Res screenshot. It also looks like the normal maps are offset.

In the packaged game it looks like the the normal maps aren’t influencing the reflections.

To narrow things down I would recommend testing this in a blank project with a reflective material and a tiling normal map applied. Then Taking a High Res screenshot and a screenshot of the packaged game.

One last question, what Screenshot size multiplier are you using with the High Res screenshot tool?

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