Quality Game Settings Menu, a good looking UI ready for use

It’s out on marketplace now! $20
Now updated with Keybinding support.

Working with unreal, I wanted to make a settings menu I could reuse in my projects.
I wanted it to be good looking, non distracting, and easy to add into games.

After lots of thinking and tweaking and twisting, I now present


A menu with settings most users would want to tweak


It features audio control, video options and mouse sensitivity sliders
It stores the settings on file, and applies all configurations on next game session.

Watch the video to see it in use, or even better:
Try out the demo yourself!
(Click the zip file and a download button shows up on top)

Feature list:
Keybinding system (New!)
• Replace key inputs
• Detects conflicts
• Menu generates UI from data table
• Allows key combinations (Such as Left-CTRL+A + Mouse Up)
• Remapping gamepad joysticks directions and mouse movement inputs

Audio control with separate channels
• Master, Music, Voice, Effect, Ambient

Control game quality settings:
• Resolution
• Screen mode (Fullscreen, Windowed)
• Field of view
• Performance Settings
• Motion blur
• View distance of foliage
• Bloom
• Brightness
• V-Sync
• ++

Settings are saved on disk and re-applied when game starts
Includes an example level demonstrating use of settings menu
Clean and structured blueprints

And a bunch of other smaller features, try out the Demo or read the documentation for more.

*What does Quality Game Settings not include (yet): *
Navigating menu with gamepad
Virtual reality support
Local Multiplayer (Online Only)

Text Manual:
Video Tutorial: How to implement menu
Quality Game Settings 1.6 Quick Install - YouTube

These look excellent! Once you complete the keybinding work you alluded to, this will be a must-have asset for me and probably many others.

I’m a bit tied up right now to help you with the beta test, but hopefully others will be able to pitch in. I can’t wait to see this on the marketplace!

Thank you, I agree, changing keyboard bindings is huge part of a proper settings menu. As of now, I am unable to do so from blueprints.
According to Epic marketplace guidelines, they will support selling plugins with c++ at a later date, but it seems to be blueprint only for the time.

The menu is in quite a good state now, and it feels good having this control from inside the game.

I am also hoping for more customization in the UMG designer, especially the combobox. (It’s so tiny).
The UI designer is heading the right direction, especially 3D widgets. (They can look awesome!)
I want to make more different variations of menu look and feel. Supporting smaller phone displays would also be interesting.

True, rebinding needs C++ it seems. If Epic could expose the relevant keybinding API calls in one of the UKismet libraries (or someone submits that code via github) one can byass the C++ dependency.

Anyway even what you have now is great and will save people a ton of work. Will vote on Trello when it gets there!

Might not be too much longer until c++ plug ins are on the marketplace according to the 4.8 stream last week. On another note the UI is very nice and clean will try the demo when I get home.

From /r/unrealengine. Would love to join beta testing (trinexg)

Thank you. I will look into it for the next version if c++ plugins are coming.

I have recieved a lot of positive feedback on reddit for my menu. I have responded to some questions there.

I have sent you a PM on reddit^^

I would love to try this out as well, if you’re still accepting beta testers :wink: (Tarux_Bravo on Reddit) Having something like this implemented from the get-go would be a huge time-saver. Looks good so far!

ever wondered what it feels like to fall into a pool of piranha

I think you’re about to find out, it’s just what the community needs. and we are all going to eat it up, lol.

anyway we can help vote this up for release on marketplace? (link?)
this needs to be out & solid for the UE4 4.8 release !

msg sent btw, lol. if not too late.

anyway thanks for this. :wink:

ps: have you tried creating your own BP for use in the Editor to expose the keybinds? (not sure this is possible yet tho’)
(seems a shame this is so hidden in UE when even Direct X 8 (was it 8?), that had Keybinds easily set with even the UI to do it with.)

edit for input:
the game section should be the first menu the user sees or at least shown first by being on the top tab or even make this a submenu after clicking ‘options’ button. I know you’ve done a lot of work on getting this to work but this is something, although important, people set & forget.

(trinexg) So far no trouble, going to be testing custom setting later! Great Job!

Hooked it up earlier and got it working nicely, haven’t tested VR yet though. Going to do that later when I set up my rift.

However I did find one bug. If you make no changes and hit cancel, all settings are saved as 0, including video. So if you load up the menu, don’t make any changes, and hit cancel, all video settings go to 0

Other than that it’s great, thanks for your work!

Edit: Also, the Apply button tends to become unclickable, on the bottom right area. Same with the cancel button but it seems to be a lot smaller of an area. Very minor but for the apply button a good 25% is unclickable. Might be related to using 16:10 resolution, or just changing resolution?

Thank you^^ it’s fishing time, I hope it will be approved by Epic and show up on trello soon.

No, not yet. I wanted to keep the scope simple in the first version. Will look into the best solution I can find later.

I can add it to the manual how to configure the game settings tab to show up by default and come

Thanks for your feedback, I can not replicate those bugs you are mentioning. It sounds like it’s unable to read the older game settings instance when it reverts on pressing cancel. Do you mind if I ask for a copy of your project and see what the problem is myself?

What setting effects that… not sure what it’s called

On a lot of PC games, you have stuff like the low, median, high and ultra setting, what effects this or reflects it?

Would it be possible to tap into the LOD settings for example setting it on low would have the lowest lod’s of everything (or certain things) show closer to the player, Or a slider with values could be even better

This looks great! And we definitely need some good setting plug-ins for the market!

Awesome work btw hooked it up and am trying it in my project. The only thing I can’t make work is controlling the volume of the ambient music, but maybe that’s me about to test some more.

Thank you all for your support^^

If you are looking for details on what the quality sliders do, you can check out Unreal documentation.

I will see if I can find something for this, but no promises.

Is it only the ambient? Or does it apply to music, effect and voice sound channels too? It would be odd of only one of them did not work.


I had some feedback regarding multi monitor support. I have added the ability to move menu bar so it can be put out of the way from a bezel.

Followed the instructions which are very detailed, and it now works perfectly great job. I am having an issue with the mouse not clicking the buttons all the time.

Thank you.
Can you provide more details how you are unable to click the buttons?
What buttons does this happen to? All the buttons? Only inside the tabs?
Can you hover the buttons and it changes colors a bit, but you can not click them?

The buttons are UMG default buttons with a different texture. They should at least give visual feedback that you have clicked them. I can’t think of anything in my project that would put the button into disabled mode.

Edit: I found something. If you change tabs fast, (And I do mean fast with rapid clicking), it may not always change into your wanted tab. Was this your problem?

No sometimes I just can’t click on the slider not the button, and I have to either manually click on the line to wake it up or type a value in the box. Tab buttons are always responsive. This only occurs when I don’t allow the game to pause itself.