Quality Assurance and Game Jam Results! - May 28 @ 2PM ET

At Epic, we strive for quality in each release of Unreal Engine. With 4.8 right around the corner, we figured it’s about time we give you all a look into how we approach testing and give you tops on how you can go about testing your games when the time comes.

ALSO! We’ve got the results in from the May #ue4jam. Tune in to check out the winning games.
QA Leads Nick and Chelsea discuss testing methodology with Community Manager Ivey and General Manager Ray Davis. The team also highlights the top projects in May’s Unreal Engine game jam.

Thursday, May. 28 @ 2PM ET - Countdown]


Ivey - Community Manager - @anonymous_user_c5ad40d01](http://twitter.com/iveytron)
Nick Bullard-Bradley - QA Lead - @nickbullard](https://twitter.com/nickbullard)
Chelsea Curran - QA Lead - @curran_sea](https://twitter.com/curran_sea)
Ray Davis - General Manager - @EpicRayD](https://twitter.com/epicrayd)

Questions? Let’s hear em!

Edit: The YouTube archive is now available **here

**Quality Assurance & May #ue4jam Winners 2015 | News | Unreal Engine - YouTube

Thanks for the great stream, this kind of information is priceless.


  1. How can we drive crash logs and play logs to our own server especially for teams that playtest remotely

  2. Sending crash logs, can we use the same template that epic uses and how does that concern privacy laws?

Thanks for everything! =)

10000000000000000000000000% this.



How is the engine QA team structured? (Do certain people specialize in one aspect of the engine?)

What are the most tedious test-cases?

Does your team do any Ad hoc testing?


Good question, it’s something very interesting . If it’s something possible , please make documentation.



  1. How do we read crash reports? As a content only user every time I see a crash report I just scratch my head and click the submit button. Is there any information that you have internal or public that could help with figuring out what happened? That’s one of my biggest fear, releasing a project and end up getting crash reports submitted but not being able to understand what they mean or how I can fix it.

  2. Not sure if this question is 100% related, but when do you go from an alpha to beta to a finished product? Do you have any guidelines for this at EPIC? What is EPIC’s definition to these words?

  3. Is QA really as bad as people say it is and how do you know if you have any talent for QA? I mean who haven’t dreamed of getting paid to play test games

very interested to hear more about epic’s QA

are people on the QA team involved in making games with ue4? if not they really should, it might open their eyes a bit to whats its actually like to work with.
never managed to get past about 15 minutes editor work without a crash since maybe 4.4/4.5

What methods and/or processes do you use at Epic to test your software? What skills do yo look for in someone trying to get a job in your QA department?