Quadruped type IK

Is there a way to set up a IK system that is a little different than what would be normally?
I tried making a example in blender real quick to try get my idea across (it’s not the best but I think its enough to get the point across).

So something like a invisible zone that it would try keep the legs in, and if it moves outside the zone it repositions that leg back to where it was. If I remember this right, kinda something like the Scavenger vehicle from UT3

Some other things that would be helpful, is if you can nudge to zones based on the direction said thing is moving so it reposition ahead instead of falling behind most of the time.

(it just occurred to me I put this in the wrong section probably should have gone animation sorry)

ok, after coming back to this project I think I got something working.
But the Vinterp node doesn’t seem to work, it just skips it.
any idea how I can fix this?