Quadcopter Flight Trainer

I’ve got a couple of videos on my youtube channel so far showing off my blueprint for the flight controls and my work in progress on creating a small environment (My apartment)
Here is the first video:
Suggestions welcome.
(especially if you have a good suggestion for creating a non-blurred mirror reflection for the bathroom mirror)

And here is the high resolution blueprint graph. :slight_smile:

Haywire controls

So… updated to 4.3 and my controls go haywire? I could use some help troubleshooting why my blueprint broke from 4.2 to 4.3

Now my craft seems to ricochet randomly around the room and seems to spin arbitrarily. Any thoughts on what might have changed in terms of physics or pawns or blueprints that might have affected this?

Hmm… I’m not too sure. To troubleshoot, you might disconnect all of the input events and re-connect them one by one to test. This may tell you where the issue is. If they all have problems, you may try to scale down some of your input multipliers down to see if its just overpowering the control (for some reason).

Hmm I suppose I could start by just disconnecting the inputs entirely because even when I don’t touch the controls at all it is behaving erratically. I will attempt some testing later this week. I did reload the project in 4.2 and it works just fine so there is clearly a change that has been made which affects my project.

Oh and by the way it turns out I don’t need to troubleshoot anymore. I downloaded the 4.4 release and everything seems to work fine now. Not sure what it was but I am glad I am saved the trouble of tracking it down.

Its absolutely shocking and unbelievable how many things break when porting from one version of the engine to another. Utterly amateurish in every way, i can’t believe serious development teams would put up with this garbage.

Have you ever tried to follow a tutorial from a version slightly different from the one you’re using? Stupidly difficult to find the correct new terminology or function for what you want to achieve

Yeah… I just sort of take it as part of working in a tech field. There’s no getting around the fact that there will be lots of troubleshooting that needs to happen regardless of how careful you are. You could always stick to drawing with paper and pencil… until the pencil breaks, or the paper gets wet, or you can’t find your pencil sharpener.
(As frustrating as these problems can be I don’t see any way to avoid them completely.)