QTE(Quick Time Events) System

[FONT=Arial Black]Updated, Dynamic QTE System

[FONT=Arial Black]Showcase video -

Easy Configurable QTE system, you can set length of QTE, input buttons or even make random QTE,
with this blueprint system you can easily create your own QTE sequences.
It can be used in many ways, and can expand gameplay.
Example animations with sequences is included.
Working camera’s with example animations!
Everything is editable, and logic is commented inside blueprints.

Technical Details:
1 Blueprint
1 Enum
1 Widget
-Easy to use and edit
-3 Types of QTE and many variables for edit
-Button mashing and optional slowMo feature
-Future updates will make this system more complex and rich.

[FONT=Arial Black]Release date is 05/10/2016

[FONT=Arial Black]Price = 24.99

It has been submitted to Marketplace.

Thanks and Feel free to ask me anything,


Looks interesting, keep it up

Hope it’s ready soon. Do you have more videos to see better how it will work?