Qt Creator C++ project : Build.h error


I am starting UE4 development on Linux. So after successfully compiling the engine from source, I followed the instructions to setup a project with Qt Creator as the IDE following this link.

Now few notes before the real problem :

  • The documentation have an error when setting the run properties as mentioned here. Fixing “Working directory” to the folder of the project.

  • I had to look at this video to see that in the build make arguments (for both Release and Debug), it’s not UE4Editor but rather the name of the project.

Now in Qt Creator, I have a warning saying that the “code model could not parse an included file” which breaks the highlighting. This file is “Build.h” (UnrealEngine/Engine/Source/Runtime/Core/Public/Misc/Build.h) with this :

error: Exactly one of [UE_BUILD_DEBUG UE_BUILD_DEVELOPMENT UE_BUILD_TEST UE_BUILD_SHIPPING] should be defined to be 1

What I am doing wrong here? Where do those variables need to be defined?