QFE download link broken?

Sorry guys the following is a re-post, just noticed they said to post QFE related questions in the Installation and setup section.


Im trying to fix the IOS device launching issue related to itunes in 4.6.1 with the following QFE post:

2/6/15 - Version 4.6.1 - Engine - Fixes issue where editor incorrectly detected that iTunes wasn’t installed and would not allow any iOS Launch On or Package.

The link to download keeps failing. Could we get an update on this issue please? Or is it just failing for me?

Thanks in advance

Howdy JayP,

I am going to be closing out this issue being that is a duplicate of this post: QFE download link broken? - Platform & Builds - Unreal Engine Forums.

Any further information or questions regarding this thread should be places on the linked thread.

Thanks and have a great day!