Qasic game structure help...

Could someone please tell me if I am on the right lines…

I want to create a game which will have a top down view. The player of the game will have a team of 5 characters which he can control individually or as a group and move them using point and click with the mouse.

I would like to allow the gameplayer to move the camera view freely. So that it would not be tied to a particular controlled character.

If I understand things correctly the “best practice” way of doing all this is to have the camera setup as the “player character” (unreal term) with a “player controller” which would handle all the interaction between the gameplayer and the the game.

The “player controller” would control the camera movement through say … the keyboard.

The team of people who are being controlled by the gameplayer would be “Characters” or “Pawns” These would also be controlled by the gameplayer using the “Player Controller”.

Is this correct?

Thanks for any suggestions or confirmations of correctness.

Sounds good to me :slight_smile: