QA Tester/s for Fall of Civilization

Hey guys.
I am a solo dev and my game has been in Steam Early Access since late September of last year.

Im planning to get the game in a state and with enough content to fully release late September of this year.
Between updates of FoC, other projects I have and Life I am unable to thoroughly test each update as much as I want to.

Looking for one or several QA Testers looking to just help out a dev.
What I would need you to do is test the game every week or every other week listing every bug you find (big or small) aswell as suggestions for features or improvement.
I get alot of helpful feedback from the community but more is always good.

A key will be provided for you by me so you dont need to worry about buying the game. Ofcourse if you do feel like supporting the game and the developer thats cool too
Because of this though not everyone who asks me will be selected.

Any questions feel free to message.