Q: why you haven't made any coverage to Scorn?

this game has been a huge surprise to me, a kind of game that i’ve been waiting for so many years, i’m a huge fan of this type of horror, putrid, disgusting, bizarre, surreal, and you have no coverage on this one, considering is on the work and made on unreal engine 4

Probably because nobody has even heard of it?

Hm? It’s pretty popular in media lately :stuck_out_tongue:

Eh, if you google it, you only get a couple of articles (one from a site whose feed I received, so it didn’t really get all that much coverage).

One problem is they didn’t let anyone promote it.

They made a kickstarter, people (including a couple big gaming LP youtubers like Two Best Friends Play) contacted them and asked to play a demo build to promote them and the devs responded that they didn’t want to ruin the surprise so they wouldn’t let anyone play a demo build. Then they acted surprised when no one gave them coverage.

When they don’t let anyone promote their work it should be no surprise that it doesn’t get promoted.

I also didn’t hear about the game until I stumbled over it some weeks ago at YouTube. It was recommended to me, probably because I like artists like H.R. Giger a lot and create this kind of digital art too.
Looks like they are not hiring at the moment but maybe they are up to some backing with free art assets, materials and blueprints…

I never heard of it except one Youtube channel(that promotes indie games) video showed it but only for 15-20seconds and no gameplay trailer compare to the rest which has full gameplay trailer for at least 3-5minutes each. Like whut who will know something about it like that?