[Q] Unreal project could not be found, or opened

Hi! Im new to UE4.

Just postion my question in short: I cant open my unreal project and it doesnt even show it in the “open project panel” or whatever it is.
The problem has occurred after I tried to compile my solution in my VS while the editor was open which was the first time I did that if it has something to do with it.

it says:

Any help is appreciated. Google failed me too :S


So you had a working project that broke?
Try right clicking on the .uproject and “Generate Visual Studio Project Files” and open up your VS IDE and recompile.

Tip: Run a CLean then a Re-Build.
That should work.

I already tried Generating VS project files but it didnt wotk: after I selected the engine version.

Sorry CLean? As I said Im new to UE4 so I dont know all these things. Thanks for the reply tho.

ok then I used the clean solution option but still nothing has changed

Hi Cryo,

Could you post this to the answerhub at under the installation and setup section for further assistance? Thank you!

I actually got it working by moving my HeatFPS project folder to a different location, and crating a new project with the exact name as before and then replacing all the project folder’s files with the old ones except the .uproject file. I will post my question to later. Just because I want to know what causes this so I could prevent this happening to me again.