Q.problem with get overlapping actor node

I have issue when i use get overlapping actor node for instanced mesh.

also how can i set question answered?

Overlaps don’t work for instanced meshes.

Any instanced mesh you overlap, will return a reference to the original mesh instance.

You can approximate which instance you overlapped with by looking at the player coordinates and comparing them with the coordinates of the instances.

ah, is that so. i didn’t know that.

it could be pseudo overlap check

maybe i need to line trace them first to get their coordinates?

thank you for sharing tip!

Tracing works. Depending on what you’re attempting, this may work for you:


Scroll to the accepted answer.

Or, can you briefly describe what you’re trying to do? I actually don’t get the intent here :expressionless:

thank you as always. i’ll check right now.

my problem is that. added instance mesh should recognize preview mesh right after but it didn’t.

if i move mouse very subtle, finally it recognize…

i’m working on grid base building experiment.

i heard instanced static mesh is cheap when just making visual

its ok when i change instanced mesh building block to actor blueprint but i need super many…

so i’m afraid it cause problem

i heard instanced static mesh is cheap
when just making visual

Very true.

Could you briefly describe how this is supposed to work? You want to place Instanced Static Meshes next to one another in a grid as the player drags the mouse? And you want to prevent other another mesh in the same area?

Tracing would work much better for this and would be much cheaper than any kind of overlap.

Asking as there may be another approach that could work if the overlap way is, indeed, a dead end.

Have a look at Snap To Grid (float) & Vector Snapped To Grid nodes - these will help here. Trace from the top (or camera). If the trace detects something, check what it is and decide whether you can build or not.

There is also another method using Sweep, a bit more convoluted but it’s great when the building blocks are uneven. Imagine stacking big rocks that are of very different shapes & sizes, and finding component bounds is useless.

still i’m just curious why it does not
recognize. ㅠㅠ

Can’t tell from the top of my head but overlap states can be somewhat weird. When 2 things start already overlapped, they don’t really overlap. There are some ways to deal with that but it’s mostly workarounds revolting around a specific situation.

yes that’s what i want to, if something is in same area with my mouse position

i want to prevent build block repeatedly

and if preview enter in same area, i want to notify it by making Red

ah, overlapping is quite expensive?

i just Intuitively think i should check something is in same area using overlap compactly (i’m so much new)

maybe topdown line trace is enough check something is there.

tick line trace is ok in performance? check along grid space (landscape)

thank you for making your time as always.

i’ll study in that way!

still i’m just curious why it does not recognize. ㅠㅠ

thank you for your kindness.

i already built my own grid system using defined map width and height. (i keep in mind that for future use thanks)

i made decide change checking way, but i’m thinking about way of tracing after search.

currently i think

  1. set collision custom Grid landscape(block) and buidling block (overlaping)

  2. [convert mouse location to world] and do [MultiLineTraceByChannel]

or… seems i could just use [get hit result under cursor by channel]

i saw someone said it bring all objects under mouse cursor.

(but node does not looks doing that i need practicing)

that’s weirdly make sense. they couldn’t notice already exist.

one day i will figure it out

thank you! Everynone!