Q: how to make cover system and QTE using UE4 blueprint system?

Hi! we are from Gamer@Heart Studio is developing a 3rd person shooter game with cover system and qte event for the brutal kill (Gears of War, SpecOPs TheLIne, MassEffect 3), but there are so little information regarding how to make a cover system and qte in UE4 blueprint system, would anyone be so kind to share their knowledge regarding this issue?
any kind of help would be appreciated, and your name will be on the game credit aswell.

there’s a link below for our teaser trailer so it’s clear what kind of cover system and QTE i’m talking about, FYI all of the in-game animation are all there but we only “simulate” the gameplay, all is made using animation & kismet, no blueprint whatsoever.
thank you so much for your help guys!

i’m trying the same with QTE but no tutorial or reference just found a suggestion from a german post hope it can help you

1)CollisionBox with an Enum variable, where you can set which key must be pressed
2) Then in the PlayerBP a bool variable, which verifies whether the player is in a QuickTime box
3) Create UMG, which is called as soon as the player comes into the CollisionBox and accesses the variable of the collision box and then displays in the UMG.
4) In the collision box then install a timer, which runs … possibly then also visually in the UMG display. This circle, which diminishes with time.
5) And then in this time check the inputs of the player. Could you possibly in the appropriate controls for the action buttons before always a branch,
which checks whether SPieler is in Quicktimebox. If not, the controls are forwarded as normal and the player is controlled directly. However, if he is in the appropriate
Box, you could fire an event, which then sends a variable from the same Enum type of the collision box to the collision box. If then both Enums are equal, the event was successful and the timer is canceled.
6) Then I would still in the collision box a slowmotion incorporate (Since must however look how that goes)