Q? Developing Game With Friend How Do We Work From Home On Same Project

As the title says we wan tot work on the same project both from home is this possible and if so how?

You can try some versioning software like Perforce. It integrates well with UE4 and is free for teams of 5 or less.
Alternatively, you can work from a shared DropBox folder…but that can get messy and is not the best solution.

Yea just dont do that, ever hehe.

learn how to use version control like perforce, tortiose svn, etc.
get a droplet on digital ocean or whatever, set it all up, never a worry again.

What exactly are you working on, Level Design, Game Logic ? Version Control is probably your best bet here. Until you’ve set this up you can also work on a “map”-basis. Meaning you are working in a different level than your friend and if he wants to give you some updates he just needs to right-click the map -> migrate his map into a newly created “Content” folder that you can just copy to your version of the project.

Version control is always a good idea even if you just work alone. If you don’t have version control you get a nasty habit of saving backups when doing iterations cluttering up your project.
Another benefit is you will be having nearly unlimited “History” of your project allowing you to “diff” the previous versions and look at the changes.