Python, what IDE should I use? how can I load modules? is there a Python Editor inside UE4 Editor?

HI there.

The questions are clear I think :slight_smile:

I´m using PyCharm, but I can´t test my scripts inside it of course, so i would like to know how can I load whatever I need in PyCharm to code autocomplete and if there is a Python Editor window inside Unreal Engine editor.

I´m using the latest 4.19 and the Python plugin that comes with it.

Also, If I try to load a python script from teh output log with this command “py X:/UE4_Python/” I get this error:
LogPython: py X:/UE4_Python/
LogPython: Error: Could not load Python file ‘D:/juegos/EpicGames/UE_4.19/Engine/Binaries/Win64/py X:/UE4_Python/’ (resolved from ‘py X:/UE4_Python/’)

But if I do it from the file menu it loads perfectly well, some ideas on why is this happening?

Cheers and thanks!

Ok, I´ll autoanswer one thing, i´m getting the error when I try to run the .py file because I´m trying to load it from the Python command line inside the Output Log instead of the “Cmd” command line… :slight_smile:

Following this silent topic because I also would like to use PyCharm :slight_smile: