Python UI alternative/solution

Hey everyone,

I’m building a python script for UE5 and I was using out of habit PySide2 for its UI.
Problem with PySide is that it does not come with Unreal package and the user will have to install it manually, a thing i’d like to avoid or find a workaround for it.

So the way i see it i have 3 options on this one:

  1. Change PySide with Tkinter since its a built in python lib
  2. Find a way to Install PySide and add the paths properly for the user
  3. Find a way to use the Editor Widget UI for the script

Ideally I would like to find out if option nr 3 is possible because would be better to be consistent and use UE systems (also less stuff for the user to install).

Any thoughts ?

bumping this in case someone has come up with a solution

Here are some alternatives:

  • for “2” you do not have to install the library next to the engine on the end user machine or tweak paths. You could bundle it with the project (in /content/python/).
  • for “3” you have a “Execute python script” function in blueprints that allows to pass some variable in and out from blueprint to python.
    But there might be limitations on types you can pass. If you do not want to copy the python function in the blueprint you could simply do an “execfile” in the python script but then you might also have limitations on retrieving output variables.