Python Toolbar Button & Menu Creator

Available now from the Marketplace.](Python Toolbar Button & Menu Creator in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace)

The Python Toolbar Button & Menu Creator is a handy plugin to create and extend toolbar buttons and menus in the Unreal Editor using Python.

import imgspc

# Create Help sub-menu and add About menu-item
imgspc.make_menu_item(menu_path='ImgSpc/Help/About Imaginary Spaces', callback='utilities.load_docs()', icon_path='MyPlugin/Resources/imgspc-logo.png')


  • Create new toolbar buttons, menus and menu-items in the Unreal Editor.
  • Link menu-items to any function exposed to Unreal’s running Python instance.
  • Add icons and tooltips for greater clarity of menu-item functionality.

Please refer to the Technical Documentation & Example Project for more details.

Please post your comments and suggestions below and we’ll respond to them as soon as possible!

The Python Toolbar Button & Menu Creator for Unreal Engine 4.26 is now available from the Marketplace!](Python Toolbar Button & Menu Creator in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace)

Our 4.25 release has also been updated to include the following bugfix:

  • The Python Toolbar Button & Menu Creator will now register icon resources in third party plugins located in the engine installation folder.

Can you please make the project content icons available in the menu as well?
I’m working on this locally with modifications, but it would be great if you could officially support it.

Hi @Imaginary_Spaces I tried working with the plugin on UE5 and I’m running into an issue. I know it’s not officially supported yet but I was wondering if you could help me out?
Your plugin is really great btw :slight_smile: Thank you

Hi @Imaginary_Spaces , I hope you are well.

Firstly I wanted to say thank you for releasing such a useful tool! I have been using it for several months now and once I got used to the API I have loved every minute of using it! It’s so rewarding having all my blueprints and widgets on tap.

As others have already asked, please could you update the plugin to 4.27 and UE5 once the first release is made official?

Many thanks again,