Python scripting for metahuman - willing to pay for support

Hey folks, I’ve been stuck with this issue for a few days… am getting somewhat desperate for help. Happy to provide $50 (or whatever else is fair) for someone who helps me solve this.

I’m finding it hard to add animations to the body skeletal mesh component of a metahuman. Here is the code I use. Its not accepting the get_body() function for adding the body skeletal mesh component as a possessable. I’ve got an easy to read description of this issue at this link. Since the metahuman is not open source (or at least I’m not able to find the source code), and is not documented on the python API site, I’m not able to refer to the code or read up the API documentation to figure out which function to use to access the body component.

import unreal

asset_name = “test”
asset_path = “/Game/Cinematics”

Create a new level sequence

sequence = unreal.AssetToolsHelpers.get_asset_tools().create_asset(asset_name, asset_path, unreal.LevelSequence, unreal.LevelSequenceFactoryNew())

Add metahuman to that sequence

world = unreal.EditorLevelLibrary.get_editor_world()
metahuman_in_world = unreal.GameplayStatics.get_all_actors_with_tag(world, “metahuman”)[0]
metahuman_in_sequencer = sequence.add_possessable(object_to_possess=metahuman_in_world)

Add a body component as a possessable

body_component_binding = sequence.add_possessable(metahuman_in_sequencer.get_body())