python script to clone a camera.

I have a camera in the scene.
I need to create a new camera and copy the position and settings on the existing camera to new camera.
is it possible through a python script?

I don’t see an actor duplication like function in the python api at first glance. You could hunt down the duplicate actor C++ function that the editor has and wrap that as a new C++ function into a python command and run it that way. Or you can do everything manually through python (spawning a new camera actor and copying the values).
Do you need just a static camera with matching camera attributes?

This might get you closer… I found this forum post #11. I tested it out and it works for cloning actor cameras.

i want to clone the camera when in play mode by pressing a shortcut key. but when i exit the play mode, the cameras that i created in the play mode should be there in the scene.
Is it possible? or will these camera get destroyed as soon as i exit play mode?