Python Plugin Error/Crash with Quixel MegaScans Bridge

First of all I hope this is in the right place, if not, please feel free to move it to where it needs to be.

Recently I launched a project (both directly and through the Launcher) and was hit with this error message and then the Engine would quit. I did get a few times get a requester to rebuild…? but that failed as well.

Error in loading the Plugin “UnrealEnginePython” because the module "UnderalEnginePython"could not be found.

Trying to hunt this down. The only thing I did different was Installing Quixel’s MegaScans Bridge. And I noticed that they had folders in this " UnrealEnginePlugin " folder.

Got a few Modo Errors too (weird)

Anyway, I tried to no avail to make this go away by Installing the latest 3.7 64 bit Python. Also looked at a few (hardly any out there) solutions online. But they did not work either.
Now, oddly enough, just deleting the entire plugin folder allowed me to open up projects and the Engine just fine.

Also when clicking on the “installed Plugins” this did not show up. Actually the list is quite small and not really reflecting the actual plugins installed… I guess it’s just, external 3rd party one that show up ??


No Idea what’s going on.

Hi James.

If this is indeed caused by the MegaScans Bridge plugin, then you will likely need to contact Quixel support, as Epic is not responsible for that plugin, and neither do we host it on our Marketplace.


Thx, and Whew! While it would be nice to have this integrate with Quixel, it’s good to know it is not affecting anything else.


Please note that I am not saying for certain that the Bridge plugin is the cause. However I am not generally aware of this issue, and your investigative evidence leads to a reasonable assumption.

Also, if what you wrote above is a copy/paste, then I think I see the issue. (***"UnderalEnginePython"could not be found.) ***That seems like quite the typo with “Underal”

[QUOTE=**"UnderalEnginePython"could not be found.) That seems like quite the typo with “Underal”[/QUOTE]

no that’s my typo LOL

Just bumping this. Did you ever figure out what’s going on? It’s happening to me too… I’ve had bridge working then all of a sudden it’s corrupting unreal somehow and I have to install.

I’m experience this issue with 4.21 only. Will update if quixel tells me the fix. 4.20 had no issue with this.

Please not this issue only arises when the plugin for megascan is installed through the bridge.

I contacted Quixel support regarding this issue and it is indeed a problem with their plugin. I was working fine with 4.20 and then updated to 4.21 as well as the Bridge version to the latest and started having this issue. Installed on 4.20 and the problem was the same. So if you didn’t, avoid updating Bridge for now.
They told me that they are trying to fix it asap and ship the new version through Bridge. Today there was an update but the problem still persists. Couldn’t find a solution. Will try installing manually as @pbdarcey mentions.

Looks like there was an update and i was kinda stoked but the problem still exists. The 4.21 option was pulled form there latest updated. Well one of these days it will work…

@Totinguis your serendipity renders are amazing…

This is all fixed now…

its not i still got it

Same here Problem still persists.

Definitely not fixed as it is causing this issue with mine now

No problems on 4.21, however I have it when I did a manual deploy from the git 4.22 lifeline deploy, now I cant get any 4.22 project to start.

I have this problem, when i open unreal Engine… Anybody please help me to resolve this problem

Just in case someone is looking this up down the road like I was, I got this error when I tried installing the Bridge to Unreal plugin into the wrong directory. I chose just the Unreal Engine directory by mistake, but you need to actually set the path to the Engine/Plugin directory. Repathing it and having Bridge install the plugin to the correct directory fixed the problem.

Delete “UnrealEnginePython” Folder from the engine directory or where you installed it accidently. It will fix the python console issue.
To install plugin, make sure you have latest Bridge. Click on export settings>Download plugin>Select engine version>Engine folder(It will automatically select plugin folder)>Your Project folder
Just click export. It should work fine. I hope it helps.

Had the same issue. This instruction helped:

Pay attention that I could solve it

I run on unreal 4.24

  1. Install the Bridge normally, open it as admin (I did it this way but maybe that part is not necessary)
  2. In the Bridge program, look for any texture and put the “unreal engine” box to press the download button.
  3. With this step the third tab of “export” will appear, here is the same as the previous comments explained, you put your unreal, version 4.24 (in my case use this) and the location of the plugins folder.
  • At this point you should not put export.
  1. You go to the folder of your plugins on your pc before starting unreal and you must delete the folder called “support” (This generates the startup problem with the error).
  2. Open unreal 4.24 and the problem will not appear when starting
  3. Inside you will see the Megascans button in your work bar

This worked for me after many attempts seeing that I created the error in the pluins folder, it should work, luck