Python Import wav and create Cue file

Hey I am trying to use the python library to import some wav files and then create the corresponding cue files for them - unfortunately using auto_create_cue property setting doesn’t create the cue and when I manually create the cue I am finding no way to be able to set the first node.

I’ve tried using something like SoundCueFactoryNew.set_editor_property(‘InitialSoundWave’, None) but I get an error and I don’t see any other way to set this property.
SoundCueFactoryNew: Property ‘InitialSoundWave’ for attribute ‘InitialSoundWave’ on ‘SoundCueFactoryNew’ is protected and cannot be set

When using the SoundFactory import with auto create cue I can see it does some stuff FactoryCreateFile: SoundWave with SoundFactory but the auto created cue is never made only ever the wav.

I really don’t want to have to have any manual process in importing these large number of files.

Any tips/advice?

Sorted :slight_smile: I have created a c++ function to create the asset in the same way that right click -> create cue works and am just calling that from the python script